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How Minimalism Made Me a Writer

How Minimalism Made Me a Writer
byJoshua Becker
Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Joshua Becker. Joshua is writer and speaker who decided with his family to become minimalists after cleaning their garage one weekend. You can find Joshua on his blog and Twitter.
One year ago, while driving my white Honda Accord across Phoenix Highway 101, the phone rang. I was surprised to see Jeff Goins’ name on the Caller ID. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Jeff asked an unexpected question. “Joshua, I’d like you to speak at my first Tribe Conference in Nashville. Can you be there this Fall?” I immediately experienced two emotions. First of all, I felt incredibly honored. I respect Jeff and the work that he does—it was an honor to even be asked. However, my second emotion gave me a slight pause before agreeing. I felt entirely inadequate. I believe my exact response to Jeff’s question was, “Jeff, you do know I credit my writing career to nothing but crazy luck? I just happened to be in the …