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5 Years Missing…The Long Journey Back!

5 Years Missing…The Long Journey Back!
Back in the day prior to 2010 I had a couple of very “Successful Websites”. Things were going well for me and my family. I got to know some very Impressive High Quality Marketers. I was a fairly up and coming well known name at the time. From I’d say 2003–2010 I was very progressive and growing at a very successful rate. I started in Website Design and had an offline and online business. My offline however was doing much better than my online but that was OK. Through my Website Design I sorta grew into the Marketing phase. Came with the territory back then. To build a Website you had to know how to build to appeal to targeted audiences…And that is where the Marketing actually began (and to this day begins). By 2004 I had all but switched channels (still did Web Design but was gaining more and more interest and money with marketing). By 2005 I was a Full-time Marketer.

The years went by and I learned more and more, built sites that pertained to that…