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Ketogenic Diet 101

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34 Tips and Tactics to Rapidly Grow Your Social Networks

34 Tips and Tactics to Rapidly Grow Your Social Networks

By Jeff Bullas

I ran across this Twitter section and felt it read worthy...My Tip? Use! Gain High Quality Followers Fast PLUS Cut your time in half maintaining your Social Media Sites!

Laurie Bullard

Twitter Twitter plays by its own rules. It has kept its 140 character limit despite the jokes, the pressure to change by many of its followers and the demands to be more like Facebook or Google+. It is misunderstood by many people who throw stones at it from the sidelines. Despite the knockers it has kept true to its initial design and constraints that don’t seem to fit it into an online world that is about bigger being better. This succinct reporting has made it the channel of choice for breaking news. Twitter is now often seen popping up on the television screen as viewers interact with a show. The character limitation it demands lends itself to one liners that are often humorous, pithy and sharp. Twitter has enhanced the a…

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