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How To Make Money Selling PLR On Facebook

Today, I’m going to be showing how you can be selling PLR products on Facebook. Not only PLR products, in fact, any digital product. When I mean any digital product, I mean, you can be selling anything other than PLR. For example, you might have created something yourself, such as graphics, logos, music, a website, an ebook, software, etc. basically anything digital. So, keep that in mind, it doesn’t have to be specifically PLR products, it can be a product that you’ve created yourself. Using the same method, I’m about to teach you; this can be used in conjunction with whatever you’re selling. Having your own digital product to sell is one thing, but knowing how to sell it is another whole story altogether. So, I’m going to show you a cool method that you can start right now with no up-front cost. I’m also going to presume that you have your own product ready whether it’s a PLR product or a product you have created yourself. To begin with, there are two sites …

Beware Of Scams! List Building The Right Way!

Ad Swaps, Solo Ads and Mailing Lists... BEWARE!
Many people have discovered they can build a business selling ads in the form of mailings if they have a good size list to offer.
At first glance, this seems to be a great way to build traffic; pay a little money get a guru to do a mailing for you to their list.
You can make money selling your products and even grow your own mailing list at the same time.
While this is very possible, beware. Here are the caveats:
Scam #1 - Freebie Lists
You will probably see clicks and sign ups but many of these scammers build huge lists of freebie seekers (lowest class of marketing segment) and then resell these "Solo Ads" to people. They promise so many open clicks for your email and usually you can get some sign ups too. The problem is that the real value is to a marketer's BUYER list. It is easy to get freebie seekers to sign up but many of these people will not buy anything.
Scam #2 - All Sign ups From One Place
Be careful with de…

YouTube Marketing 2.0 Front End Sales Video