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Tested Proven 1000+ High Quality TWITTER FOLLOWERS 30 Days Or Less!

Yes it is TRUE! Back in December 2015 I saw an Ad about gaining 1000 Twitter Followers in 30 Days! I was intrigued, curious...So I took the challenge on my own creating my own way of accomplishing this! My findings are as stated Below:

  • I gained OVER 1400+ High Quality Twitter Followers in Less Than 30 Days! 
  • Statistics showed my new Followers were in the same or similar Interest Groups 
  • Have gained many awesome relationships that have helped, enhanced, improved, and have and continue to be an Educational Experience that I learn from everyday!

These were and are NOT "Bought and Paid For Followers"...and I will even show you many ways to reduce time and still not only maintain your Social Media Marketing but still proactively Send Out Great Content and more, PLUS give you a few extra hours a day! Cool, huh? I'm not complaining and I am utilizing everything I have learned and continue to learn. 

Now It Is Time To Take It To The Next Level...I would like to start sharing this with others, so you can build your Social Media (Twitter) List Fast and Furiously! I will give this upside...As you are gaining Your Twitter Followers you will soon see that all your Social Media Sites start to grow. 

I am putting this out here now to see what type of INTEREST is Generated...From There It Is Up To You! I will Provide you with:

  • Actual screen shots of the date I started my Campaign
  • Screenshots of week 1 week 2 week 3...the growth rate
  • To even more detailed information of what myself have in common with my Followers

I'm not saying this is easy, because it takes work and commitment on your part to do this. I'm saying it can be done, while you learn ways to simplify the process of maintaining your Social Media Marketing. Or you do have another option...You can always purchase Followers. But let me ask you a question? Would rather have Followers, Likes, etc because you earned them through the Content you share, things you have in common, etc. OR Buy a Load of Followers that you have nothing or little to share about?

Show me some Interest and I will Show You How! My method is easy to follow, even if it's the 1st time you looked at Social Media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, I promise this is a very easy to Follow Method!

And I take Promises, Guarantees, etc. very seriously! I'm not going to lie to you, the one thing about me that you always can count on is Blunt Honesty! I have a couple (3 tops) Marketers that I Follow, Learn from, I believe in them, today I believe in myself! Till next time, I'll be adding in some examples, small stuff for now over the next week. 

I love what I do today and if you are as passionate about what you seek in life, I have a good time with this, Social Media, Video Marketing (slow to start but getting there) and at some point Webinars, and I will save the Multiple Streams of income for a later post. But there's income streams on this page and at our sister site LaurieBullard.com, Thanks, you guys are great, that's all for now! Goodnight!

Laurie Bullard