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Ketogenic Diet 101

An ‘Accidental’ Diet Discovered in 1924 For Treating Children With Epilepsy Turns Out To Be The Fastest Safest Way To Lose Weight Warning! Only Read This If You Want To Stop STRUGGLING and Feeling Frustrated With NOT losing weight

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You Know What Gets Me The Most?

And it never fails...the great useful EBook, Software, IM Tools, etc. It always comes out 5 to 7 days prior to the 1st (my monthly Payday) and always with "Each Sale The Price Goes Up"!So see by the time payday arrives (or in this case the 29th as Sunday is the 1st so we get our checks the last weekday work day prior to the 1st), the PRICE is outrageous and I plain out can't afford it when I get my money gets to my pocket!

I've been back doing this regularly now since mid December. So NOPE no regular "MMO" Income yet. Went thru so many changes on what I was going to do, that was another good 6 weeks wasted...I'm not going to say wasted as I did gain much insight and education into what I was wanting to do without fully knowing it yet.

I know on Dec 1st (and the entire month of December I went thru some radical changes) I thought my Daughter Lauren was coming home on the 1st...she didn' that sorta turned my world upside down as in what am I going…

What’s The Best Way To Use LeadsLeap To Generate Leads?

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One of our members, David Nuzzi, asked:“LeadsLeap is the only program that seems to be working for me. What is the best way to utilize your program to it’s fullest?” – David Nuzzi To answer David’s question, let’s first look at how LeadsLeap helps our members to generate leads. How LeadsLeap Helps You To Generate Leads? LeadsLeap helps you to generate leads through a 3-pronged approach. #1 – Leads Building Network The first approach is our leads building network, where you refer people to join and build your network at LeadsLeap. You may ask “Kenneth, isn’t LeadsLeap supposed to send me leads? Why am I sending leads to LeadsLeap?” Fair question. Let me explain. The people you refer to LeadsLeap are your ‘seed’ leads. Remember that your ad will be shown to 10 levels of your network, for life. As your referred leads bring in more leads, you’ll see your network grow. Over time, more and more people will see your ad.To illustrate, say if you refer 20 people to…

Born For This by Chris Guillebeau

Born For This by Chris Guillebeau

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